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At Vekx Global LLC we bring you that peaceful experience and opportunity to go about investing in cryptocurrency. Vekx Global LLC is known for combining mining operations with on-site solar energy plants, the cost of energy can be reduced significantly, which will in turn increase the profitability. In a way, it’s automated to help you make the right decisions while you invest,making it an excellent option for beginners.

What differentiates us from other cryptocurrency investment firm is we bring solution that is cheaper and renewable to source of energy. The global clean energy transformation needs acceleration and Vekx Global LLC is a thoroughly established and well trusted service that provides it. Vekx Global LLC with solar energy we intend to reduce the overall cost of electricity in the crypto mining process.

Not everyone has the detailed knowledge of cryptocurrency markets and for many people the best choice is to work with financial services provider such as Vekx Global LLC , who gained required expertise and therefore can provide financial products in the form of fixed income managed accounts. After years of professional cryptocurrency trading we have joined our skills, knowledge and talents in the effort to bring a new reliable investment opportunity.

We ensure total security of all the investments and firmly guarantee that every invested fund will be paid back and turned into profits by our experienced Forex experts.

We constantly monitor the financial environment, develop new investment strategies and improve our investment conditions. Vekx Global LLC is the place where meet those who want to succeed in investment and start earning on Forex without even trading. High qualified risk management helps us to create optimal and profitable investment plans ensuring our partners with reliable and steadily growing income.

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Stable Accrual of Profit

Our investment plans are designed to generate maximum profits with minimum investment.


Swift Deposits & Withdrawals

We accept the most popular e-currencies. All Deposits & Withdrawals are processed automatically.


Always Online

You can track your investments online in your back office without leaving home.


Insurance of Deposits

We have a system of instant payments so that our clients enjoy payouts without any unnecessary waiting time. Our payouts are also 7 days a week.


Customer Service

Top notch Customer Service ready to help and fix the issue no matter the time.


Referral System

Earn up to 5% referral rewards using our multi-level affiliate program.


Our Mission


Our mission is to become the leading financial investment service. We do this by providing new and innovative investment strategies that are designed to promote and engender long-term financial benefits. Through these strategies, we intend to meet every individual investor's requirements and expectations. We combine our strategies with a global and unwavering commitment to customer service so that our clients not only enjoy superior returns but develop strong and trusting relationships with our company and its advisors. We do not nor can we expect our portfolios to over-perform projections every time in every investment period. This is why our strategies are designed to ensure long-term returns and results.

Our Commitment


Our verified, polished, and consistent investment strategies empower us to commit to delivering satisfactory long-term returns to our clients. Our pride in our services is validated by our reputation as well as our commitment to being accessible. We do not just tell you what to do, we educate and communicate with all of our clients. This way our clients regardless of their experience in investing can be confident of our mutual approach. We are in this together. The uniting principle of everything we do is loyalty to our clients. Our technical and financial expertise means little if we cannot provide our clients with the assurance and assistance they deserve every step of the way.

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Important Goals


To ensure consistently high income for the Company and investors;

Crypto Currency Trading


One of the most exciting trends in investing today is the Bitcoin trend. As purveyors of financial news know, cryptocurrency trading can be highly profitable but it is also risky not to mention very intimidating because of its high degree of technical dependency. In order to be a successful cryptocurrency trader, one must have the requisite knowledge combined with savvy financial and regulatory insights, not to mention investment experience. trading to your benefit..